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Monday, November 24, 2025


1. The Shattering Light of Stars (2005)

2. The Resurrection of Thinking: Steiner's Anthroposophy & the Postmodernism of Badiou, Deleuze, Derrida & Levinas (2018)

3. (2019) Earthly, Transcendental, & Spiritual Logic: From Husserl's Phenomenology to Steiner's Anthroposophy

I am an anthroposophical researcher from Pennsylvania and a faculty member of the Global Event College, directed by Yeshayahu (Jesaiah) Ben-Aharon.

Current Research:

1. Philosophy of Mathematics, Anthroposophical Chemistry, Finance, Crypto, Fridge Design, Deleuzean Chemistry, Goethean Biology, How to Create New Elements in the Earthly-Human Sun Through Community Processes

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Metaphors to Help You Experience the Difference between Pure Thinking and its Reflection in the Physiological Organism

 1. Take a look at a Birch Tree. Do you see its thousands of leaves moving in the wind? Living thinking that is conscious of its own spiritual activity is like the wind that blows the leaves, creating all of their complex patterns and motions. But no one would say that the movements of the 1000s of leaves create the motion of the wind. Likewise, you are the upright Spirit-I who thinks self-consciously and intuitively in the folds of real-thinking acts - you are like the spirit of the wind that blows the leaves. The brain and the nervous system are the leaves. 

2. Consider a puppet show. Do you see the complex movements of many different characters on the stage? Living and pure thinking that intuits or dives into the moment by moment acts of its spiritual creativity is like the human actor who puts his hand in a puppet. No one would say that the puppets' motions are the real action and that the human actors below the stage are the creations of the puppets. Likewise, the real thinking I is like the willful activity in the human hand that produces complex reflected movement in the puppet. The physiology of the human mineral body and the dying part of the life body is the where the puppet-show takes place. 

3. Consider the complex print from a woodcut. Do you see the tiny lines and curves of the ink that displays a rich picture on the paper? Spiritual activity in thinking which is intuitively free is like a moving forest growing and walking - a living fabric of wood. If consciousness stops to observe the current living fabric with the eye of living thinking, it freezes the scene. There is now a woodcut. Then I press this woodcut into ink, and then press the inky side onto paper. No one would say that the ink on paper has caused the woodcut. Also, the person looking at the print would suppose that the original woodcut was the only 'original' and would not even know about the living flowing fabric of wood.  Is there a very close resemblance between the woodcut and the print? Yes - but let us note which one is the cause of the other. Living thinking is like the growing invisible wooden landscape. It is 'wooden' because it is substantial and real, the projection of this living thinking into self-consciousness on the earth is like the process of freezing the landscape into just one picture. The printing process (noticed how it is reversed) is like the creation of the mental image, which is then reflected in a symbolic and distributed chemical and biological pattern onto the brain and nervous system. 

Friday, July 3, 2020

The Spiritualization of Mathematics through the Event of Anthroposophy - Awakening to the Living Continuum

The Mathematical Continuum - Finding the living Infinite

‘‘There are two labyrinths of the human mind: one concerns the composition of the continuum, and the other the nature of freedom, and both spring from the same source—the infinite’. —G.W. Leibniz

Brouwer describes his understanding of the problems of the continuum as follows: 

“In the following chapters we shall go further into the basic intuition of mathematics (and of every intellectual activity) as the substratum, divested of all quality, of any perception of change, a unity of continuity and discreteness, a possibility of thinking together several entities, connected by a 'between', which is never exhausted by the insertion of new entities. Since continuity and discreteness occur as inseparable complements, both having equal rights and being equally clear, it is impossible to avoid one of them as a primitive entity, trying to construe it from the other one, the latter being put forward as self-sufficient; in fact it is impossible to consider it as self-sufficient. Having recognised that the intuition of continuity, of 'fluidity', is as primitive as that of several things conceived as forming together a unit, the latter being at the basis of every mathematical construction, we are able to state properties of the continuum as a 'matrix of points to be thought of as a whole'. First of all, there is neither a first nor a last point…” ---L. E. J. Brouwer, Writings vol 1. 

What is the notion of the mathematical continuum? 

The continuum is “an infinite collection whose elements are themselves infinite sets, each of whose elements in turn is an infinite sequence.” Cantor’s set theory makes this concept mathematically rigorous. (Shapiro, 'Oxford Philosophy of Mathematics' pdf p 321) 

Phemister says of Leibniz p 116  - “Leibniz’s solution [ is ] that the continuum is composed of indivisible living corporeal substances." These are what Leibniz calls the Monads. 

Deleuze describes the connections between such a virtual consciousness of flux and fold and the work of Leibniz: 

“En même temps que l'objet devient objectile, le sujet devient superjet. Entre la variation et le point de vue il y a un rapport nécessaire : non pas simplement en raison de la variété des points de vue... mais en premier lieu parce que tout point de vue est point de vue sur une variation. Ce n'est pas le point de vue qui varie avec le sujet, du moins en premier lieu ; il est au contraire la condition sous laquelle un éventuel sujet saisit une variation (métamorphose), ou quelque chose = x ( anamorphose). Le perspectivisme chez Leibniz, et aussi chez Nietzsche, chez William et chez Henry James, chez Whitehead, est bien un relativisme, mais ce n'est pas le relativisme qu'on croit. Ce n'est pas une variation de la vérité d'après le sujet, mais la condition sous laquelle apparaît au sujet la vérité d'une variation. C'est l'idée même de la perspective baroque.”

--- Deleuze, Le Pli et Le Baroque p 27 

The essential idea that we uncover and merge with as we consider Deleuze’s comments are as follows. The flowing of folding-object streams (Newton calls these ‘fluents’ in his calculus) melt together with the subject who becomes more than himself in a super-jection. Continual and infinite metamorphosis of infinite curves and flexing on the plane do not just produce an infinite variety, but this continual metamorphosis is the condition on which the subject himself is created. The fact that the spatial point of view changes as the perceiver moves around in space does not exhaust the intuitive vistas that are available to the awakened self-conscious I. The point of view of the subject in baroque geometry and architecture does not merely show relativism, but shows that the infinite becoming of the other at the flexible vanishing point (the folding virtual point) is also the differential origin of any subjectivity. Fluid variation forms the root of the subject. 

This is a fine transition zone, where the self-conscious I, that has been trained by the living soul of Anthroposophy, can now perceive what is inside the house and what is outside the window, by becoming a coherent, balanced, larger sense of Self - a multiplicity, coordinated by a Spirit-Self outside of space, time, and personality. This spiritualization of Deleuze’s work is necessary if one is to grasp the spiritual life at the bottom of living or etheric-virtual mathematics. Etheric and spiritual love form the personality and karma forms the vehicles in which his motion takes place. 

The opening and loving source of spiritual life has no bottom or end. When I am self-consciously united and merged with this spiritual light, love, and self-perceiving rigorous wakefulness in pure thinking-willing, I can see where the tendencies to infinitely divide every plane come from. This tendency comes from the desire to uncover more of the infinite love that powers all desire and all of my self - to learn from the acts of spiritual beings in the depth of my own spirit. It should be recognized that the representing or willed picturing that projects a web or organization of the dead part of the personal etheric body, imagines that this infinite life can be infinitely subdivided in the sense of cutting a plane, or inserting more space in between two spaces. But this is a concept that controls the parameters of the plane of representation, it is not the pure experience of intuitive willed-thinking, living inside the pure spiritual act of meaning-life. But this concept also controls and organizes the pure flow and chaos of momentary sense perceptions and feelings. The following must be understood quite clearly: when I cut a block of cheese into two large parts, and then subdivide this cheese into smaller bits, and then subdivide these into 50 tiny pieces, let us say, the number of ‘pieces’ is not what is perceived. We represent the number of pieces on the plane of representation which we create unconsciously. In the pure flow of colors and the sense of weight and perspective and changing shades, there are no parts.

The pure flux of sensation and pure percept flow can never be divided. Only consciousness divides, and it does this on the plane of representation or the plane of mathematics. So we actually have two flowing wholes. On the side of pure perception, the pure flux of world-formations. On the other side, the infinite gift of the archetype unveiled in the seed of the intuited pure concept or virtual meaning-light-archetype. It is only in between, in this thin plane where our normal consciousness is constructed by the ahrimanic and luciferic powers, that we find the tendency to want to divide ‘matter’ infinitely into electro-magnetic components in a materialistic way (Ahriman), or imagine ecstatically the numerical infinity that bypasses all human life, such as infinite extent of space, infinite galaxies, never-ending numerical sequences, and so on (Lucifer). That does not mean that we should not school our consciousness with utmost rigor on this mathematical plane, but it does mean that we must self-consciously perceive, create, and freely navigate into the spiritual worlds of life and love that are beyond it. This requires the truly down to earth human and loving Christ-Spirit, teaching us in the bottom of our free I. 

Thus we find that the human continuum must be a new seedling, planted by the Christ or the eternal source of turning death into life. I can always find new life in between dead space, there is always more spiritual time in between the moments of my personal biography. The garments of my own life, will be spiritualized by the hierarchies when I hand it over. But this exchange can also be started on the earth. 

Monday, June 1, 2020

How Robust is the New Solar-Earth!

Let us now feed cosmos and nature
With fluids of life unfolded from science
Returning their gifts, a thousandfold heightened
Sailing a ship of self-hood enlightened

The pulsing of life is rounded and instant
Pouring its soul in the fanfare of dawn
Rolling out light, rising and roiling
Warming the heart where ether is boiling

Circular curves of invisible seedlings
Popping and rooting in the song of blossoming
Mountains are singing in the tones of Nitrogen
Vapors are curling in the bones of Oxygen

Minerals melting in self-heating lava
At the bottom of pillars and petals of drama
Sulfurous saunas bubbling up diamonds
Of consciousness-light, of Spirit Sublime

Conceptual gases rocketing heavenward
Spiritual elements forged from levity
Cooling the sun to rest in earth's atmosphere
Michael's souls build communities there

Cobalt melts and unveils the Kobolds
Carbon explodes and Dwarves are all weaving
A Rainbow of Folk in their infinite Yolk:
"The Humans are coming, they've finally awoke!"

Angels sing in the stars, cracking open the caverns
An intake of breath from the Infinite Thought
A drip of the life of the I of the World
Hits the still water in the pool of the pearl.

The forgotten mothers grow nourished and fat
As humans ignite their tinctures of knowledge
Rivers of gold flowing out of their nutshells
Vines crawling upward and shaping new citadels

In the Holy Spirit and in the Iron pulse of Blood
A Chemical Wedding to marry Sophia
In the embryo beats a new human heart
Created by love, where each does his part.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The First Step in Moral-Event Mathematics

No matter how ridiculous it sounds, after the Holocaust and the Event of the 20th century, it is no longer possible to produce mathematical equations, thinking, and calculations without including the conscious, moral reality of superscript or coefficient ‘Ev’ in each move. 2 + 3 = 5 must now become linked to the qualitative supersensible whole to become 2 + 3 = 5Ev. If not, each calculation merely serves to solidify the Ahrimanic-demonic grasp of the intellect which will lead to the great totalitarian AI machine devouring the nature of the human, such as at the end of the Matrix 3. The good spirit-mother (Arithmetica) who leads the shepherds of the fields, animals, and forests, must be given back the treasures of real soul-mathematics - She says to humanity, "You call yourself a mathematician, yet you do not know how many Starlings are in this field, so that you might find the one that is sick to care for. You call yourself a mathematician, yet you do not know how many seeds are in this one raspberry that you devour without thinking. You call yourself a mathematician, yet you do not know the number of your starving brothers and sisters, but only the numbers in your bank accounts, your stock rooms, and your hard-drives." 

Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Construction of the Quantitative Plane of Mathematical Relationships from the Virtual Elasticity of the Qualitative Life Body - Philosophy of Spiritual Mathematics

   How is the first point drawn on the plane of mathematics? How does the first quantitative relationship arise on this artificial topography that we draw in our mind's eye, and then point to in our subsequent development of mathematics, logic, and functional explanations in natural science? Deleuze shows us his ripe and robust life, when he concentrates on uncovering the infinite flexibility of the virtual unfolding that makes the first drawing on the mathematical plane possible. The qualitative and invisible flashing flexibility makes possible the first choice of where the line, relationship, logical set, explanatory mapping, tracing, and so on, will be present and frozen in space. Space is created out of this pure etheric fluid that is freed after adolescence of its role in shaping and growing the human physical body. But space is therefore a representational projection on the invisible canvas that we draw on, generally without seeing its contours. Moving in space as a will-being is totally different than projecting vector lines on a grid. The idea of space blocks the real experience of spiritual willing. 

    That is why Deleuze can say that the pure bend, the twisting virtual curves of intensity, the clinamen is not in the world, but it is the world itself. We should add, it is fashioned out of the forces of dying insofar as they are stitched into the memory plane and the plane of space in our representational canvas. For this reason alone, what is stitched with mathematical precision on the gameboard of this plane is not totally true, because it is made out of killing the living wisdom that flows all around us, or in which we are continuously flowing - the spiritual world, made up of beings who carry their moods from different regions of starry wisdom, in wholeness. This never-ending play of possible life, the fluid of potential points that are not-yet drawn (les inflexions) is thus, between dimensions (Deleuze quotes Klee's notions of modern art in 'Le Pli'). It is pure event, this elastic proto-point, proto-curve. 

    This is why Brouwer, Heyting, and Cantor require the infinite at the first moment of the intuition of the plane of mathematics - the qualitative multiplicity of life, created out of the dying part of the ether body, as is shown by Rudolf Steiner, is infinitely divisible (and thus can create any possible configuration); it is also infinitely productive, and its life is never exhausted (when it is connected to the infinite spiritual source of all life). This is also the reason why the pure velocities, pure differences, pure changes in direction are approximated only in calculus: pure change would have to freeze absolutely in order to be calculated and pinned onto the plane, but this would mean that velocity would have to stop in order to show itself on the plane - a self-contradiction in the concepts themselves. For this reason, the nature of the plane of life cannot be 'proved' by using the canvas itself. You can only prove to yourself the limits and the nature of the etheric canvas, where the mathematical plane is organized by historical concepts whose lines remain in memory, time, and of constant length. You can only prove it to yourself, when you see it through intuition. 
   But this is not the end of the process! Outside the canvas or the pure elasticity lies the breath of the moral and astral plane, and furthermore, the spiritual world itself. This means that I must also awaken to the moral reality and responsibility of the construction of the mathematical plane itself (by killing and abstraction), and also the infinite life of the Spirit-I who wakes up and sees its activity in dimensions that leave this mathematical grid behind. Then we can live in Imaginations which are themselves world-time realities, that have an infinite life and can think with moral, creative, spirit-thought, which holds the source of mathematics, life, and much more. But here we must weave with real spiritual beings of all kinds, who bypass the pure abstract concerns of projectors onto the plane of representations. This requires awakening the heart as a perceptive-thinking organ. 

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